The Novel

I know your reading time is precious, so before you choose to download the novel you might wish to know a little more about it. Here is the equivalent of a dust jacket teaser to help you decide – I like to imagine it being read by Alison Mossheart or Tom Waits, but feel free to use your own preferred internal narrator:

A mysterious plague that infects at random and causes terrifying hallucinations is spreading unchecked through the utopian megastates of the 21st century. Alejandro, a carrier of the contagion, is waiting for the end in a shabby bar when he is confronted by a stranger claiming that the plague is a gift for the survivors if they’re willing to embrace it. Clinging to hope Alejandro agrees to listen, and so the stranger begins his tale…   

When Hugo Bernstein – a privileged son of the Federal European Republic, frustrated genius, and owner of an uncharacteristically rebellious personal organiser – finds his safe and predictable life as an alternate-reality engineer fatally sabotaged he’s grateful to be pulled from the wreckage by Crisis and the Urban Hunt Club, charismatic renegades from a disintegrated USA who possess the formula for a consciousness-altering narcotic and a plan for Hugo’s very particular, and highly proscribed, skill-set.    

Trenton ‘Crisis’ Mallory – the charismatic libertarian leader of the UHC – is a man driven to win big by the losses of his past, but hidden beneath the maverick charm, street wisdom and unschooled brilliance is a cruel and deadly secret that some would kill to conceal, and others kill to reveal.    

Aided and thwarted by a carnival of macho DJ’s, rogue MI’s, obsessive femme-fatales, psychotic war veterans, alcoholic chemists, avuncular assassins, gerontocrats, Agents of the Senatorial Inquisition, suave fixers, and unreliable rented bicycles, Crisis and Hugo become the unlikely catalysts of a revolution that may liberate mankind, or may destroy the perfect society.

Welcome to the end of the world as you know it. Why not grab a mojito and rack a line? Fuck utopia; it never was much fun anyhow.


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