Welcome to Hunting Party

Welcome to Hunting Party, a blog originally dedicated to the science-fiction novel of the same name penned by Kenneth MacKriell, and now a place for the author’s musings on history, politics, geekery, parenting, and bucolic whimsy.

For those of you interested in the novel, go to The Novel page to find the dust jacket blurb and some pithy nonsense encouraging you to spend £2.27 on what is proving to be an uncomfortably prescient piece of Slipstream science fiction. It’s sexy, violent, and druggy, full of pathos, hilarity, and tragedy (so my reviewers say).

For those of you who want to try before you buy you can find the first three chapters (in PDF format) squirreled away in Sample Chapters in PDF.

If you have an interest in additional free material set in the same world or want to see how the story evolved, there are Kindle Editions of The Godzilla Heist (a profoundly silly short story featuring the Urban Hunt club and an ATM in Gdansk), and The Crisis Arc, the original and complete chapters (including those excised from the novel) that tell the story of Trenton ‘Crisis’ Mallory, reorganized into a single narrative.

If you have any interest in the author, how his work relates to him, who inspired the characters and certain situations, the origin of the FER, want to see if you get a mention, or any other related gubbins then hop to the Biography, Acknowledgements and Bibliography page.

If you’re the general reader feel free to visit the Blog.

If you want to contact me feel free to drop me an email at urbanhuntclub@hotmail.com. I’ll be sure to respond. If you want to stalk me on Facebook, look up Kenneth MacKriell. If you’re not obviously weird I’ll add you.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the book and the blog: It was written with you in mind.


Kenneth I. MacKriell


One thought on “Welcome to Hunting Party

  1. Thanks Ken, looking forward to reading and I will be sure to spread the word x

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